Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adventures in Linux land!

I have been a Linux user for a few years now, and windows free at home for well over two of those years. to date I have not run into any major issues with the OS that I could not ( with a bit of research) resolve. And so I have decided to launch a bit of an experiment, or more to the point a few of them as I transition my main Linux box into more of a server role, mostly a media server. My goal for this project is to make a box I can use to go and fetch the TV shows I don't have time to watch and allow me to access them from anywhere with an Internet connection, and to do this all with Free and Open source software.

The OS in this case is Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick), the first addition I made was a web based media streamer, in this case Subsonic ( Subsonic runs as a Deamon (service) on the system with its own web server (tomcat). The program trans codes music and videos (most formats) into a flash format that can be played in any web browser over the local network and over the Internet. The application is free however a small donation is required to get a URL for access over the Internet.

I like Subsonic, it works well and without much in the way of hang ups, indeed the only operational problems I've had have been related more to connection speed or blocked ports where I've tried to connect. There are however a few issues that I want to resolve; the first is that when you put in the URL ( it changed from the URL to my IP address along with the port I've opened on my firewall to allow the program to work, and the second is that I have to use their URL not my own. However, I can solve both of these issues with the same solution.

Apache web server is a free and open source web server that most of the Internet runs on, I'll be implementing it as part of a LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) installation this weekend. The goal will be to set up a revers proxy that will direct subsonic the way I want them to go rather than the way subsonic says they have to go. Done right all anyone should see is will see.


  1. LAMP plus DYNDNS should solve your security problems. Also watch your .httpacces . Are you using html5 for media streaming? or using a plugin ?
    I have always found the DLNA to work better on LINUX then web streaming ( i used a different program through) .
    This means a copy of mediatomb and a client ( like XBOX or PS3 or a computer with a copy of VLC or MPLAYER) works like a charm , and you have complete control over the HTML and CONFIGS that it serves up.

    Either way , i look forward to seeing it up . If you need any assistance I would be happy to help


  2. I am using Subsonic to handle the trans coding and streaming (flash) at this time. I'm using it mostly because there is an Android App that lets me stream music to my phone, as well as doing most of the hard work for me. it was the most user friendly approach I could find at the time and has worked fairly well for me.

    I don't see any serious road blocks in this whole thing (aside from remembering my dyndns login information). But I will absolutely ask for input if I do run into one!