Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Customer Service

So by now most of you have seen this,  but just in case I'll wait here while you take a look, go on, I'm not going any where.

So other than a prime example of how not to treat your customers, or those with their finger firmly on the pulse of your target market audience, why am I showing you what most of the internet has already seen?

I'll be honest, when I first read this exchange I got angry on behalf of my nerdy brethren who were manhandled by this supposed PR guy (marketing person?). I was ready to get on my little soap box on my fairly small and quiet corner of the interweb and spout off about how we as a culture ( and by we I mean geeks not just gamer's) should not sit by and allow this obvious bully to treat us in this way. I was going to stand up here and encourage you all to write your favorite purveyor of geekery and explain to them that if they did business with this guy then they could expect not to business with us.

But then I thought about it a bit more about it and reconsidered my stance ( also this happened). The jerk apologized, though I think more from fear than any real sense of contrition. Now if you dig through the internet enough you will find more examples of how this poor example of humanity has mistreated paying customers, and I am not inclined to allow him and shelter from the storm the internet is currently laying across his door ( something about reaping what you sow comes to mind ) but it appears the jerk has a wife and kid and I do urge those handing out geeky justice to be kind to them.

I would however like to remind every one that the jerk in question did not invent the product, he did not design the product, he didn't even make or distribute the product. All this guy did was represent the product to retailers on some level, and from what I've seen on the many many blog posts, articles, and forums that I cam across today he doesn't even do that any more. As near as I can tell the original injured party in this train wreck of customer relations has received apologize from the manufacturer and the designer of the product along with it being comped. And so when you are writing your angry letters to the various vendors out there ( which the man was kind enough to list in his poorly structured e-mails), don't take it out on them after all they were the ones who found this guy throwing them under the bus in an attempt to make himself seem more important.

In the end I am happy to see the little guy come through this spelling like roses (with a little help from his friends, but that is what friends are for), and the villain in this story more or less got what he had coming to him ( probably a bit more). 

Just don't go ruining the guys life internet, he's a douche, but even a douche deserves a little mercy

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