Thursday, November 21, 2013

Its winter that must mean

Time to try to make something! This is something that happens to me when the days get shorter and colder. More so as I get older actually which is interesting in its own way I guess. As I get older Video games seem to hold less of interest for me which is fine, because I have the brand new family thing that is really kind of cool ( if you have the means I recommend it completely).

But anyway its dark and cold and I want to make something (aside from a mess, which less face it these projects will likely make one of those as well), this year’s case of the I gotta make something’s has brought with it a return of the electronics bug which may make for an interesting winter.

So what form shall my madness take this winter? Well I suspect there will be a couple raspberry pi consumed in the process.

Projects listed are in order of inspiration.
1)     I will call this the Game-pi ( or pi-boy, or raspberry-boy I haven’t decided yet) the idea sits as this, take a gamboy color, remove all the bits that Nintendo put in it when they released it, and replace it with a raspberry pi, a touch screen and some internal storage, load up some emulators, and have some nice fun portable nostalgic gaming. I may use a supaboy instead, it has a larger screen, more internal space, and all the buttons I already want are on it

2)     The portable: this is another portable raspberry pi project idea, I've got an old portable DVD player that died ages ago (why I still have it I don’t know). I want to turn it into a sort of portable media center pc, maybe include an IR remote, hack in a DVD drive and TV tuner and load it up with XBMC, bonus points if I can get Netflix and Hulu working

3)     A Robot! This is in truth part of a plan to have my stepson not spending the whole of his holiday break playing video games, I am taking the week off between Christmas and NewYears and I’ve already picked out a reasonable arduino controlled kit that should be a lot of fun, I’ll blog about it on my other page.

I’ll post about these as I work through them over the winter, if I work through them, it is amazing that even when there is no reason to go outside we are still super busy.



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