Sunday, June 19, 2011

Horseman's Ale

Last nights Brew was a success, I brewed my Horseman's Ale which I have not made in about 5 years, but I make a few changes.

the recipe:

.5lb Flaked corn
.5lb Rolled Oats
1 lb 10L Crystal Malt
1 cup molasses

7 lbs Light Malt Extract
3lbs Amber Malt Extract

2 oz Cascade hops
1 oz Sazz hops

the preparation:
I placed the oats and corn in two grain bags then placed them in water to hydrate at about 90 to 120 degrees for 30 minutes.

the Mash:
the grain in muslin bags went into three gallons of water raising the temperature slowly to 170 degrees to steep for 45 mins

after removing the grain and added the malt extract and molasses and brought to a boil.

Add 2oz Cascade hops for 60 minutes

Add 1 oz Sazz hops for 2 minutes

after the last hop addition I removed the wort from the heat and cooled it, while the wort was cooling I prepared a bag that I filled with 2 oz of fresh Cascade hops as a hop back. I ran the wort through the fresh hops.

I added wyeast 1056 after taking my first gravity reading

initial gravity of 1.125

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