Saturday, November 19, 2011

Get to the point!

well it looks as though its time for a destressing rant again. I am beginning to wonder if people have lost the ability to make a to the point statement. It seems every where I go these days I get a story every time I ask a simple question. Even a simple yes or no question can result in  a wasted 5 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

Its almost like we have lost control of communication in our culture, and can't seem to find our way back to the plot so to speak. I am not saying I don't enjoy speaking with people, and to be honest there are times that elaboration is not only needed but welcome. But when I am asking for specific information I do not need the saga of how that information was generated, when I ask a yes or no question I need a yes or no answer, I really don't care about the journey of personal discovery that lead to why you prefer one thing to another.

Another aspect of this is when you come to me asking for help, please please please be able to express what you need, don't come to me and say "I need help with X" and then have no answer when I ask " what about X is giving you trouble". If you are confused that's fine, I can ask more questions to help myself understand where you are confused, that is part of the point of questions. But for the love of all that is good and right in the world do not launch into how being confused makes you feel flustered and makes it hard to learn or figure something out....I got that much when you said you were confused.

maybe I am just a cranky individual but I want to see people start to communicate effectively again, ask questions that will prompt meaningful answers and answer questions in ways that will be meaningful in return. I feel like if we can get the fluff out of communication and get to the point we might be able to enjoy communicating with each other more, if nothing else we will have more time to do things we enjoy.

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