Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not dead

I've been getting a few messages from people asking where I've gone off too. I haven't died, but I have been very busy. some of you know that I recently got a new job, to start off this job came with 7 weeks of training, the company flew me out to Boston (well close too it) and I've been here the last 2 weeks in training. the training has been a bit intense and I honestly have not had a chance to find anything to post about in the last couple weeks much less post anything new.

After i wrap up this first couple weeks of training I'll try to type up a post and tell you some about what I've been going through and some of the things I've learned. for the time being I will say that I've learned a lot in the last couple weeks and have been fairly short on sleep, and Fairly long on studying.

the point though is that I am alive, I'm just busy.

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