Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back to Basics

It has been a while since I brewed, even longer since I posted about it. I've just been too busy to devote a day to the process, bad I know but there it is. I've also been a little disappointed with the results of the last couple batches, not bad exactly but I know I can do better, and so I'm thinking I need to get back to basics a bit. my last few batches have not turned out the way I would have liked. they have either been too sweet, or took too long to ferment, or didn't turn out tasting the way I would have preferred  over all I have slipped out of the groove I had been in for the first five years of brewing, and I want to get back to that. I feel like I may have tried getting too fancy, pumpkin spice, A scotch ale aged on oak chips (which I had aged whiskey on), Horseman's Ale (Barley, Oats, Corn, Molasses), all fell flat of my expectations

To that end I am going to get back to basics in terms of recipes the next batch I think will be a simple stout, because the first beer I ever made was a stout, and I know the dark color is going to be the most forgiving in terms of potential color changes due to overheating. I haven't settled on the exactly the shape it will take but it will be simple, Malt, some specialty grains, simple hops, and a sane fermentation schedule. With the focus off of being fancy I can focus on the basics, the procedures, keeping things clean, getting it done right.

My next few batches will be this way growing slowly more complicated, and ending with a batch of my Blueberry Honey Ale which is one of the most popular batches I’ve ever made. It is my hope that this will return my brewing to where it has been in the past.

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